South Bend Dyna Max Clutch Single Mass Flywheel Kit


Fits: 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

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Solid Flywheel Conversion Kits

Con O stands for performance Organic linings,
OFE stands for a combination of Organic & Feramic linings,
FE stands for all Feramic linings on the clutch disk.
The pressure plates have been modified for a higher plate load.

All clutch kits include everything needed to do the job including our Kevlar® pilot bushing.

Our part numbers are as follows:

99-03 Power Stroke – MU 1944 6sp – Stock Power
99-03 Power Stroke – MU 1944 Con O 6 sp – 350 hp, 750 ft lbs of torque
99-03 Power Stroke – MU 1944 Con OFE 6 sp – 450 hp, 900 ft lbs of torque


KEVLAR® Pilot Bushing

The nylon KEVLAR® composite absorbs the vibration that the Ford diesels create. This bushing can also be used as a repair bushing to run with a scored input shaft thus saving dollars on the cost of a new input shaft.

With all our Ford clutch kits, a Kevlar pilot bushing will be included. This is a $40 value!


This clutch design will offer a very soft pedal. When truck is modified and under load the clutch pedal may stick to the floor.


Remove the helper spring on the clutch pedal. By doing this, it will not only firm the clutch pedal up some, but resolve any clutch pedal inversion problems.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in
Power Range

750 ft lbs of torque, 900 ft lbs of torque, MU 1944 6-Speed – Stock Power, MU 1944 Con O 6-Speed – 350 hp, MU 1944 Con OFE 6-Speed 450 hp