Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System


03-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins


The revolutionary Banks Ram-Air Intake System offers the reliability and durability of a factory intake yet delivers astonishing airflow. It flows up to 64% better than stock and outflows Volant and AIRAID, thanks in part to the Ram-Air’s huge filter area (fewer filter cleanings!), giant outlet, and the complete air filter housing with large side & bottom inlets. Banks Ram-Air Intake System collects & directs more power-producing cool, dense air to the engine, lowering EGTs and smoke and improving fuel economy, too! The lifetime cotton gauze filter traps the most dirt and debris. And Banks Ram-Air Intake System is the only aftermarket intake with 4-1/2″ bellows to accommodate engine movement. This prevents component damage and promotes reliable service life.

Banks Optional Super-Scoop

Your diesel engine produces better mileage and power when its turbocharger is fed dense (cool, high-pressure) air. Banks Ram-Air® Intake System is proven to increase air density—and with the optional Super-Scoop, you’ll get more of everything: air density, fuel economy and power!

• Collects cooler, denser air from outside the engine compartment
• Forces a big charge of pressurized ram-air into the fi lter housing
• Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air
• Greater air density than stock and all six competitors tested
• Giant fi lter maximizes high-fl ow fi ltration
• Increases mileage and power
• Exclusive 4½” bellows accommodates engine movement for longer life

6 Intakes Flunked Banks’ Density Test!

Cold, high-pressure ram-air flowing through Banks Ram-Air® Intake with optional Super-Scoop®

6 out of 7 “cold air” systems provide LESS air density to the turbo inlet than the stock system! That sucks for our competitors, because air density is the key to better performance. MORE DENSITY = MORE MPG AND HP.

It’s good to be dense, all right. Check out our density ad for an informative look at intake airflow, air temperature and air density, and how they all come together in the Banks Ram-Air Intake System. ad

Testing so good, it’s patented! Banks sets uncompromisingly high standards for testing. In fact, we were awarded an Engine Performance Evaluation patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Check it out: Engine Performance Evaluation: US Patent # 7,254,477

Overview Summary

We measured each intake’s effect on air density at the turbo compressor inlet. Intake temperatures will generally be higher than ambient conditions, but the more the system can duct cool air to the filter and preserve the cool temperature as the air is ducted to the turbo, the higher the air density will be. In addition, there will commonly be a pressure drop as air travels through the filter and the ducting due to any restriction that is introduced. If the design of the system can minimize the restriction and the pressure loss, air density will be preserved.

5-Year Ltd. Warranty

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Optional Super-Scoop

No, Send It w/ Painted Bumper, Send It w/ Std Bumper, Thanks, Yes