Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System


07.5-09 Dodge 6.7L Cummins


Banks Ram-Air Intake System for Cummins 6.7L

Increase Power & MPG


Banks Ram-Air Intake feeds your Cummins engine cooler, denser, outside air for greater power and fuel economy. Its performance is extensively tested and validated in the computer using Computational Flow Dynamics, then on the flowbench, and later, one the vehicle. Let the others build and ship: Ram- Air’s performance is proven!
  • Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air
  • Huge inlet/outlet & streamlined tubing promote airflow
  • 52% less restriction than stock
  • Inhales cool, dense outside air for more power & MPG
  • Reduces exhaust gas temps
  • Giant filter maximizes high-flow filtration
  • Outflows best competitor
  • Exclusive 4 1/2″ bellows accommodates engine movement

            – Prevents component damage

            – Extends service life


Banks Optional Super-Scoop

Your diesel engine produces better mileage and power when its turbocharger is fed dense (cool, high-pressure) air. Banks Ram-Air® Intake is proven to increase air density—and with the optional Super-Scoop, you’ll get more of everything: air density, fuel economy and power!

• Collects cooler, denser air from outside the engine compartment
• Forces a big charge of pressurized ram-air into the fi lter housing
• Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air
• Greater air density than stock and all six competitors tested
• Giant fi lter maximizes high-fl ow fi ltration
• Increases mileage and power
• Exclusive 4½” bellows accommodates engine movement for longer life

Banks Super-Scoop®


Banks’ exclusive Super-Scoop® is an add-on product to the Ram-Air® Intake System. Super-Scoop connects below the front bumper, forcing a big charge of cool, pressurized ram air into the Ram-Air Intake’s air filter housing. Because the air is drawn from outside the engine compartment, it has greater density and makes more power than the warmer engine air.

Super-Scoop’s cooler, denser air also improves fuel economy, reduces smoke and lowers exhaust gas temperatures! Rainwater and debris are funneled out of the bottom.

Banks Super-Scoop installed

Banks Super-Scoop

Banks Super-Scoop installed

Install photos courtesy satisfied customer, Michael K. from Murrieta, CA.


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Optional Super-Scoop

No, Send It w/ Painted Bumper, Send It w/ Std Bumper, Thanks, Yes