Banks Power High-Ram Intake Manifold


03-04 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke

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An intercooler increases air density, allowing your engine to produce more power. So you wouldn’t want to restrict the flow of air exiting the intercooler, right? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the stock piece does. Click here to see how cramped and angular the factory inlet is compared to Banks’ larger, streamlined cast-metal High-Ram. Banks’ High-Ram intake flows air much more efficiently, providing greater boost without the drawback of raising turbine backpressure. In flow tests, the Ram-Air Intake delivers up to a 64% reduction in pressure loss. You’ll enjoy improved acceleration and better fuel economy! Includes a 3-1/2″ constant-diameter boost tube to flow the air from the intercooler without restriction.

5-Year Ltd. Warranty

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