PPE Race High Flow Exhaust Manifold with Up-pipes

Replacing your stock Manifold and Up-Pipes should be your first step in building a high performance exhaust system. These PPE exhaust manifolds were co-designed by Honeywell (Garrett) and PPE using CAD software to maximize flow characteristics. The up-pipe bellows are high flow, internally sleeved and aircraft grade! Our High Flow Racing Exhaust Manifolds and Up-Pipes lower EGTs, reduce drive pressure, and accelerate turbo spool-up while maintaining reliability. Perfect for upgraded turbo systems and nitrous equipped trucks with high EGTs.

     *   Cast hi-sil moly iron high flow racing exhaust manifold construction
     *   Significant reduction in drive pressures
     *   Free flowing Stainless Steel Inner Liner Bellows
     *   Stainless Steel 11-gauge .120-inch wall diameter Up-Pipes   
     *   Built in bosses, pre-drilled and tapped 1/8” NPT for EGT gauge sensor
     *   Substantial performance increase for upgraded turbo systems and/or nitrous injection

PPE exhaust manifold available for: 2001-2010 Duramax 6.6L





PPE Race High Flow Exhaust Manifold with Up-pipes
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  • Item #: 1161110
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Performance Engineering
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