PPE Complete Stage 5 Transmission

PPE can provide you with a complete Stage5 transmission that is literally ready to bolt in. The PPE Stage 5 transmission is built to handle everything you can possibly throw at it: street, sled pulling and drag racing. Work or play this PPE transmission is ready to perform. Transmission Core return is required. PPE transmission price does include a refundable core-charge of $2500.00. Arrangements must be made for acquiring your core before PPE Stage 5 transmission ships out.

PPE also offers this transmission as a Stage5-HD, which includes billet input & billet output shafts and upgraded C5 clutches with Kolene steels. Other accessories, like a PPE diesel transmission cooler, are also available at Advance Diesel.

PPE Diesel Transmission Features:

- Triple Disc Torque Converter

- Heavy Duty PTO Side Plate Covers

- Deep Transmission Pan

- Heavy Duty C1, C2, C3, and C4 clutches and Kolene steels

- Upgraded BST valve

- Recalibrated valve body


Available for:

2001-2010 Chevy and GMC 2500HD/3500HD trucks with the Allison 1000 series transmission.  Also available for Topkick & Kodiak 4500/5500 trucks as a special order.


PPE Complete Stage 5 Transmission
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  • Manufacturer: Pacific Performance Engineering
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