PPE Boost Increase Valve

Application: 2001 through early 2004 LB7 6.6L Duramax diesel trucks.
Features: Increases boost pressure from 18-20psi to
Installation: Simple to install and only takes a few minutes.

Pacific Performance Engineering has developed a device that increases all LB7 Duramax Diesels boost pressure from the 18-20 psi to 28-30 psi. This MAP overboost code eliminator or Boost Increase Valve works only on the LB7 models and installs in under 5 minutes between the turbo and the wastegate. It allows the engine to burn the additional fuel associated with high HP tunes for even more HP.

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PPE Boost Increase Valve
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  • Item #: 1160300
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Performance Engineering
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