PPE 45/40 Compound Twin Turbo Kit

HP Performance Twin Turbo Kit is fully dyno tuned and endurance tested to make sure that you are getting a product that is going to work correctly and last. This is the highest end PPE Twin Turbo Kit out of all the Duramax Twin Turbo Kits on the Market! 

1000+ HP!!
Twin Turbo Kits include:
- 304 stainless exhaust tubing - 3” hot tube & 4” down tube
- Interlocking NO leak exhaust flanges
- Heat shielding for all components susceptible to heat
- High grade fasteners
- Aluminum 3” intercooler tubes (seamless)
- High Performance Billet End pieces (available at additional cost, call for details)
- PPE High Performance Silicone Hoses (6mm flouro lined)
- Ported 3” intake bridge / 4” cross over tube
- Tunable boost pressure up to 100+ PSI
- PPE Intercooler that handles high boost pressure
- High quality dependable Garrett ball bearing oil / water cooled turbos
- Turbo combination is flow engineered for maximum efficiency
- Retains heater and A/C
- Large Turbo is fully supported by mounting bracket, not exhaust tubes
- Race High Flow Exhaust Manifold with Up-Pipes

- Supplied Aluminum overflow can
- Battery relocation bracket (sold separately, call for details)
- 38MM TiAl Wastegate

HP Performance Twin Turbo Kit is available for LBZ/LMM only.
LLY call for details on the PPE Twin Turbo Kit.




PPE 45/40 Compound Twin Turbo Kit
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  • Manufacturer: Pacific Performance Engineering
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