Mag-Hytec 727-DD Transmission Pan

Holds 4 qts. more than stock!

36RH, 37RH - 66 to 89
46RH, 47RH - 89 to 95 and is also called the A-518
46RE, 47RE - 96 to 01

Must Check for Clearance

Deep high-capacity sump for maximum cooling
Magnetic drain plug
Includes Transtar Gasket
303 hardware except allen head cap screws are zinc plated
1/8 NPT temperature sender port
Finned aircraft aluminum construction
Requires only three allen key wrenches (included) for installation and service

Extra Deep - includes filter spacer block for the overdrive 727 Transmission bodies


Mag-Hytec 727-DD Transmission Pan
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  • Item #: 727-DD
  • Manufacturer: Mag-Hytec
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