Edge Products Backup Camera Option New Design!

Introducing Edge Products’ new Back-Up Camera compatible with CTS model products. The Edge Products backup camera is a must have for those safety-conscious drivers and those who want to hook up to trailers with ease. The camera mode on the CTS products automatically engage when the vehicle goes into reverse*.

CTS Backup Camera Features
• License Plate Mount
• Adjustable Camera Angle
• Night Vision LEDs
• Waterproof (IP67)
• Quick and Easy Installation to Connect to any Edge CTS monitor using an RCA style connection
• Reversible Image Switch (option)
• Durable Black Metal Finish

*When used with compatible CTS device camera view automatically engages on supported vehicles with automatic transmission where we can read the gear parameter. Not available on all models.

**CTS monitor not included

Edge Products Backup Camera Option New Design!
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  • Item #: 98202
  • Manufacturer: Edge Products Evolution
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