DiabloSport inTune: Gas and Diesel

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inTune I1000 Includes:

inTune I1000 Features:

- One part number for all supported vehicle applications

- Universal diagnostic tool-use on any OBD2 vehicle (SAE)

- Free automatic online updates for life

- Stainless steel construction

- Drag and drop file transfers (tunes, updates, etc...)

- Dual processors and over one gig of memory

- Fastest programming available

- Only full color touch screen available for under $400

- Easy to use

- Removable cables for simple storage

- External sensor inputs (0-5v analog devices)

- Virtually unlimited custom tunes (based on memory)

- Fits in your pocket - smaller then your average cellphone

- Most adjustable parameters on the market

- Preloaded with multiple tunes for each application

- Features DiabloSport's "vehicle protocol engine"

- Includes Mileage Booster and Throttle Booster

- Warranty safe-no watermarks, fingerprints or counters

- Virtually unlimited data logging (based on memory)

- Helpful tooltips included

- Stackable with the Extreme PowerPuck (diesel vehicles)

- USB connectivity

- Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

- Can be used on multiple vehicles (one vehicle at a time)

Note:  Some of the above features may be vehicle specific and not available for all models

inTune I1000 Quick Start Guide

Click here for the inTune Quick Start Guide
(pdf document)


inTune I1000 Custom Tuning

Custom tunes are most likely needed if you modified your car. The inTune can hold a number of custom tunes (based on memory) made by any CMR (Chipmaster Revolution Tuning Software) dealer nationwide.

What is the DiabloSport inTune I1000?

The DiabloSport inTune is the latest and most advanced handheld programmer available today. With dual processors and over one gig of memory, the inTune is the most powerful, fastest and reliable programmer on the market. inTune features all supported vehicle applications under a single part number, hours of data logging, custom tuning, the industry's most adjustable parameters, universal diagnostics and DiabloSport's world famous "canned" tunes designed for more power and fuel economy. All of these features housed in a sleek and stylish stainless steel case.

DiabloSport inTune I1000 Better Tunes:

Cutting edge software, extensive tuning experience and state of the art equipment gives DiabloSport the capability to provide customers with the most powerful, efficient and safest tunes available.

DiabloSport inTune I1000 Faster Programming:

Featuring dual 32bit CPUs, over 1GB of memory and DiabloSport's all new vehicle protocol communications engine, the inTune is the fastest, most powerful tuner in the market.

DiabloSport inTune I1000 Easy to Use:

- Full color touch screen that delivers an amazing user experience with easy to understand menus

-  Plug the inTune into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and it will automatically detect your year, make and model.  The inTune will then provide you with a list of DiabloSport preloaded tunes

- Free automatic online updates for life. Staying up to date with inTune couldn’t be any easier- simple free updates via USB with DiabloSport's new Auto Updater technology mean there’s no software to install and no additional hardware required to get the latest version! Simply plug your inTune in to your PC and get the latest firmware download automatically to your device.  Updates can include improved tunes, new features, better functionality and even new GUI enhancements.

- Drag and drop file transfers (tunes, updates, etc...)

- Scan Tool menu option to read/clear Diagnostic Codes


DiabloSport inTune I1000 Supported Vehicles:

(inTune I1000 covers everything below) The below product chart represents the inTune's initial release only. This chart will be updated as DiabloSport continues to add more applications to the inTune. Ford and Diesel vehicles will be added very shortly and will be available via free online update(s).

Please take note of the following:

*2011 & 2012 GM Trucks/SUVs with 8th digit in the vin G are not supported.

**Export 5.7L HEMI SUV applications are not supported.

DiabloSport inTune: Gas and Diesel
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