CP3 Pump Inlet Fitting

Get the most fuel flow possible from your stock CP3 pump with this "high flow" PPE CP3 Pump Inlet Fitting. The key is the larger inner diameter of the PPE fitting, which allows fuel to flow 70% more efficiently than with the restrictive stock unit. With a greater volume of fuel available to it, the CP3 injection pump will be able to perform at its optimum capability.



- 70% more flow over stock

- Stainless Steel


Available in 2 sizes:
- 3/8"
- 1/2" (Not recommended for under load engine applications.)

- Chevy/GMC
- Dodge 6.7

Shown below is the PPE Chromoly Inlet Fitting and both the Chevy and Doge stock fittings. You can see how ours has a larger opening giving you more flow.


Stock                                                    PPE Fitting


CP3 Pump Inlet Fitting
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  • Manufacturer: Pacific Performance Engineering
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