South Bend Dyna Max Upgrade Clutch Kit MU G56 CON OFE


Fits: 2005.5-2015 Dodge Cummins (with 6-Speed G56 Trans. 475 hp, 1000 ft. lbs.)


Includes Hydraulic Assembly and Flywheel.  Clutch rated for 475 hp, 1000 ft. lbs of torque.

Do not try and save money when it comes to choosing a clutch. This will only cost you more in the long run.


Includes the Hyd-X-.750 Hyraulic Assembly & Flywheel

South Bend Clutch utilizes Cryogenic Processing to strengthen their clutch kits. Deep cryogenic treating is a one-time process that permanently and dramatically improves the performance and useful life of metals in these clutch kits.

                  Key Benefits:
                  -Less voids or imperfections in the metallic grain structure                  
                  -Significantly less micro cracks
                  -Significantly less warping caused by heat
                  -Better friction coefficient
                  -Increased microstructure surface area
                  -Increased wear resistance
                  -Increase wear consistency
                  -Relief of internal residual stress
                  -Springs will maintain compression longer 

After cryogenically treating your disc springs, clutch plate and flywheel, the material will wear less and the plate load will hold up over time. The bottom line is that YOUR CLUTCH WILL LAST LONGER! 

South Bend high performance clutches are noted for smooth engagement and low pedal effort. ConO clutches feature organic facings with very smooth engagement. ConOFE clutches have an organic facing on one side and a feramic facing on the other. They have a near stock clutch engagement with very high torque ratings.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in