Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System


Fits: 99.5-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke


Banks Ram-Air® Intake System


The all-new Banks Ram-Air Intake for Ford 7.3L Power Strokes delivers everything you really want out of your diesel: power, agility, and fuel economy. It’s always been about airflow and with the Ram-Air Intake, it starts right up front. Ram-Air bolts on in minutes and requires zero modification. It’s designed to feed your 7.3L more cool, dense air than it’s ever seen. Thanks to its added HP & torque, you’ll feel the difference the moment you hit the throttle. Killing the stock intake and crushing the competitors’, it’s the perfect upgrade for anyone looking for maximum performance. Whether you haul horses, a fifth wheel, or just want to haul-ass, Ram-Air is for you!

Ram-Air exposed





Banks Ram-Air shown with cover
removed to show filter.







Does not fit early 1999!

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs