Fits: 94-98 Dodge Cummins 12-V

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3 Piece High Efficiency Exhaust Manifold
w/ 12 Bolts

The ATS three piece pulse manifold for the Dodge Cummins application, with its pulse exhaust flow design, increases exhaust gas efficiency, helping to spool up the turbocharger sooner with less exhaust back-pressure. The pulse manifold design eliminates the problems that persist with the stock manifold in both 12 and 24 valve engines – the shrinking and breaking of the manifolds. The stock manifolds can shrink as much as 3/8”. This can cause manifold-cracking, gasket problems, and exhaust flow problems created by exhaust port misalignment. In 12 valve engines, one sees sheared off manifold bolts, and this extreme shrinkage can sometimes break the ears off the head where the stock manifold is attached. The ATS three-piece pulse manifold is cast of a much higher-grade material than the stock manifold, which will handle far more heat without being brittle. This three-piece pulse manifold comes with new socket head cap screws and washer.

All Manifolds come Pre-Assembled with Black High Temperature Coating and Pre-Tapped for Pyrometer Probe

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 5 × 5 in